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  • "An end will come, we will be there."
  • "Bodies come and go, but only cells remember. And if we forget, the Nine remember for us."
  • "But it was the Nine who gave us purpose, and it was the Nine who made us whole."
  • "Goodbye."
  • "I am filled with secrets, but you would not understand them."
  • "We came from the dust, and burrowed into flesh for warmth, and became… something new."
  • "I do not entirely control my movements."
  • "I do not know what the Nine want with you."
  • "I hope to be here again."
  • "I may be here."
  • "I may be here, when you return."
  • "If I am here, it is The Nine that sent me."
  • "Items belong to The Nine, not me."
  • "My function here is to trade. I know this."
  • "My movements are not entirely predictable, not even to me."
  • "My will, is not my own."
  • "Please."
  • "So lonely here."
  • "The deep black is many things, but never lonely."
  • "The Nine show you these."
  • "The Nine wish to speak to you."
  • "There are no birds where I come from. The things that fly are like shadows."
  • "There is something within me, that wishes to connect."
  • "These inner worlds are very strange."
  • "This is but one end."
  • "You walk among them."
  • "My movements, to a significant degree, are dependent on planetary alignments."
  • "There is so much Light here, I suppose I feel pain."
  • "That is my will, to speak to you."
  • "Your Traveler has a dark mirror."
  • "The Nine are very large... I cannot explain. The fault is mine."
  • "It is very possible The Nine intend to help Humanity."
  • "Each mote of dust tells a story of ancient Earth."
  • "I understood my mission when the Nine put it in me. Now, I cannot articulate it."
  • "I came for the light perhaps... to understand the light."
  • "There is no reason to fear me."
  • "I feel a great many consciousnesses impinging on mine. And all of them so small and lonely."
  • "What sort of thing are you?"
  • "It is for your happiness."
  • "Do not be alarmed, I have no reason to cause you harm."
  • "I have information. I do not yet know if you are the one it is meant for."
  • "You are the one I was sent to find."
  • "I...cannot endure long in this place."
  • "Guardian."
  • "I have told you what I can."
  • "An end is here."
  • "Some of the cells of this body began on this world… how strange to return."
  • "May we speak?"