Xûr comes and goes freely, his strange curios eagerly sought by adventurous Guardians.
― In-game description

Xûr, Agent of the Nine is a vendor who sells exotic weapons, exotic armor, engrams, Exotic Shards, and consumables in exchange for Strange Coins and Motes of Light. He appears in different locations in the Tower and Vestian Outpost every weekend from 9:00 AM Friday to 9:00 AM Sunday UTC.

Possible MerchandiseEdit

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  • During Halloween 2014 and 2015, Xûr sold Flight of Shadows.
  • For the first few hours of his second week in the Tower, Xûr offered Strange Coins in exchange for Spinmetal and Spirit Bloom. This was immediately removed by Bungie due to players taking advantage of this system to acquire large amounts of Coins.[1]
  • After Update 1.1 was released, Xûr began selling upgrades that increased an equipped exotic weapon's Attack Power from 274/300 to 302/331 or an equipped armor piece's Light attribute from 21/30 to 30/36. This was removed in Update because weapons and armor were able to be ascended instead.
  • It is possible that Xûr was responsible for releasing Skolas from the Nine after Mara Sov had sent him as an apology gift for trespassing on their territory.[2]



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