A new hive brood gathers its strength beneath the Cosmodrome. Find their master and purge them all.
― In-game description

Will of Crota is a Strike in Old Russia, Earth.[1] It is unlocked after completing the quest The Extermination in The Dark Below.[1]


  • Unlike other Wizards, Omnigul has an Arc shield instead of a Solar one.
  • Omnigul will not move from the catwalk. However she can be temporarily forced off if she is already near the edge, with grenades and rocket launcher shells.[2]
  • Omnigul will summon reinforcements when her health reaches certain levels.
  • The hallway before the final chamber where you face Omnigul is a good place to retreat to if your health is running low. If enemies follow, there is a raised platform which provides excellent cover.
  • Cursed Thralls will come out of the door in the room before Omnigul's chamber; keep an eye on your radar and call them out as they appear.
  • Focus fire on everything but Omnigul until she is the last enemy left. Retreat into the two door room when Omnigul calls for reinforcements, then take out the reinforcing troops. After doing so, attack Omnigul. Repeat until Omnigul is dead.
  • Omnigul is not a true Ultra-rank enemy despite the skull next to her name. She is still vulnerable to Suppressor and Flashbang grenades and only drops 25 Glimmer, as opposed to 50 of true Ultras.


Strike Specific GearEdit



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