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A sampling of concept art of weapons in Destiny, shown at the GDC 2013 Bungie Panel.

Weapons are equipment designed to inflict damage on living beings, vehicles, or structures as an effect of combat. Weapons play a dominant role in the Destiny series, as along with grenades, melees, and some super abilities, weapons act as the primary mode of combat and defense against hostile forces in the game. Multiple types of weapons exist, some of which may be more effectively used by certain classes and subclasses, or while wearing certain pieces of armor. There are, however, no restrictions on which classes can use which weapons; every type of gun can be used by every Guardian class.[1]


In Destiny, players will "develop a relationship" with particular weapons. This means that although it is possible for a particular weapon to be owned by more than one player, each weapon is somewhat rare and it is therefore unlikely that any two players who encounter each other in-game will be using the exact same weapon.[2]

These weapons may be placed into one of three weapon slots:[3]

Furthermore, weapons are tiered by rarity and power:[4]

While all weapons have kinetic (for firearms) or explosive (for rocket launchers) damage, some may deal additional elemental damage:[citation needed]

  • Arc: A type of electric energy that causes a wide area-of-effect damage.
  • Solar: Incendiary damage that can ignite enemies.
  • Void: Gravitational damage caused by a close-range, heavy gravity field.

Some enemies will have personal Shields. These Shields are weak versus corresponding Elemental Damage types.

Though players may carry as many exotic weapons as they like in their inventory, only one exotic weapon (and one piece of exotic armor) may be equipped at one time.[4]

Each weapon has a level, represented by a number.[5] Additionally, each weapon has a number of associated traits also represented by a number, including "Accuracy," "Stability," "Handling," and "Magazines." It is not yet known what the ranges of these numbers are, though weapon levels have been seen from 70 to 200, and weapon traits have been seen from 1 to 3.[5] Further information is not yet available.

Upgrade TreesEdit

Many weapons and armor can be customized via upgrade trees.[6] As a player earns experience, various options can be unlocked and equipped that allow for different optics options, increase damage, or boost other gameplay characteristics.[6][7] Upgrades can be purchased with Glimmer, Weapon Parts, or other Materials.[6][5][8]

List of WeaponsEdit

For a list of all weapons, please view the category page at Category:Weapons.


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