This is bigger than United-Continental! Bigger than AOL-Time Warner! Yes, even bigger than Exxon-Mobil!

Wikia has approached the admin teams from both active Destiny-related wikis, Destiny Wiki and Destinypedia, in order to broach a deal of merging. Both teams think that this is an extremely good idea, not only for Wikia's purposes, but also for the ease and simplicity for Destiny fans of finding one great source for Destiny information. There are of course cons that go with the pros of merging; one such con is the ease in which a merge is done - naming of the new wiki, what to do with the old content of each wiki, policies, etc. Currently we are discussing the potential merge and ironing out any creases, but thus far both admin teams have reached a consensus on the following points:

  • Naming of the new wiki - The name of the new Wiki will remain "Destinypedia." However, the term "Destiny Wiki" will be used in certain areas to ensure optimal SEO.
  • Policies - Most of our policies will be inherited from Destiny Wiki, though some new policies will inevitably be put into place. These policies have already been imported to Destinypedia, and you can check them out here.
  • URL/Web Address - The new wiki will utilize the current Destiny Wiki URL ( for ease of navigation on Wikia and for consistency on Wikia nomenclature. Don't worry; we'll redirect you from automatically once the transition is complete!
  • Theme and Layout - To mark the new wiki, we'll design a new theme and layout for it. More colors!
  • Administration - The admin teams will be merged to form a great team of dedicated contributors. The team may be a little large for the beginning, but the wiki will soon grow into it, and we are super-excited for the all-star admin team we're assembling!

The new site will should not be affiliated with being primarily either Destinypedia or Destiny Wiki, and should be considered a new entity all together. So far we are selecting the best features from both sites and merging them into one central wiki for all Destiny. This may take time, but we are hoping to have it drummed out ASAP. If you have any comments or questions, please share them here!