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The Trials of Osiris is a Crucible event that is available every weekend from Friday at 10 AM PST to the Weekly Reset on Tuesday.[1] The Destiny expansion Rise of Iron is required to participate.


Trials of Osiris uses the Elimination gametype. Entrance into the Trials requires a Trials Passage, which can be purchased from Brother Vance[1] for 500 Glimmer. Once a Trials Passage accumulates nine wins or three losses, the Passage will no longer grant admission to the Trials, but it can still be used to purchase rewards from Brother Vance in Year 1.[1] In order to continue competing in the Trials of Osiris, a new Trials Passage must be purchased.[1] If a Guardian quits or disconnects from a match before it is completed, a loss will be added to the Trials Passage.[1]

Level advantages are enabled, and teammate matchmaking is disabled, so Guardians will need to form their own fireteams.[1] Additionally, the Trials of Osiris will weight connection more heavily when finding opponents in Year 1.[2] In Year 2, passage progress will determine opponents.

Each match will take place on the same map in a given week. The map changes every week.[1]

Brother Vance also sells consumables that can help Guardians progress though the Trials.[1] In Year 2, Boons are now purchased directly from the passage and must be bought before your 1st match. Also in Year 2, the armor piece drops when you get 5 wins and the weapon drops at 7 wins and are no longer purchased from Brother Vance. Brother Vance now gives Trials Bounties which can award Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tier rewards as well as Legendary Marks.

List of RewardsEdit

Random LootEdit

The following loot can be obtained from random drops after each completed match:




Brother VanceEdit

Accumulating wins on a single Trials Passage unlocks merchandise available to purchase from Brother Vance. See here for possible rewards.

The LighthouseEdit

Guardians who accumulate nine wins and zero losses on a single Trials Passage will be able to travel to The Lighthouse, a location on Mercury that contains exclusive loot. Guardians can use the consumables provided by Brother Vance to help achieve this feat. Opening the chest at The Lighthouse will reward the following:


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