Grants access to this week's Trials of Osiris tournament. Teams of 3 compete until they win 9 matches, lose 3 matches, or until the week's tournament ends.

A Trials Passage is a mission item that grants a Guardian entrance into the Trials of Osiris.[1] Trials Passages can be purchased from Brother Vance for 500 Glimmer.

Guardians receive rewards depending on how many wins they accumulate on a single Passage.[2] Five wins earns an armor piece specific to that week, and seven wins earns a weapon specific to that week. If a Guardian manages to accumulate nine wins and zero losses on a single Passage, he will be able to travel to The Lighthouse on Mercury, which contains a loot chest that gives exclusive rewards.

Once three losses are accumulated on a Passage, it will no longer grant access to the Trials of Osiris. Guardians must obtain a new Trials Passage from Brother Vance to continue competing.[2]

To help obtain rewards, Guardians can purchase modifications to a Trials Passage by inspecting it. These modifications can only be purchased before the Passage accumulates any wins or losses. Three different modifications are available, each costing three Passage Coins:

  • Boon of Osiris: The next win will count as two wins on the Trials Passage.
  • Favor of Osiris: A free win will be added to the Trials Passage.
  • Mercy of Osiris: The next loss will not be counted on the Trials Passage.


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