• So that's a wrap everyone! E3 is finished and after an amazing week of awesome Destiny trailers and gameplay footage, Bungie finally released a playable alpha version of Destiny to those who have a PlayStation 4! No doubt this wiki is about to get filled with awesome information as players fly through the world Bungie has created for us; a moment some of us wiki veterans have been long awaiting! For those new to the wiki, WELCOME!

    For those interested, I was one of a lucky few to be able to attend E3 2014 and get hands on experience with both the competitive multiplayer and the private alpha. But, by far the best moment was a private with Deej himself on behalf of Wikia. Something some of you may find interesting. You can find the interview at the beginning of the day 3 E3 video series, but be warned, this years E3 was packed with loud excited fans so unfortunately the audio quality was not the best.

    For those who have come to meet fellow Destiny fans, be sure to check out our forums and chatroom! Also, please remember to read through our manual of style and policies before editing.

    Thanks and awesome to see you all!
    The Admin Team

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