• Hello Destinypedians!

    This is a staff announcement addressing some changes made to our image policy. As the image hosting system is one of the most used features on a wiki, it's crucial that it be maintained stringently to prevent any misuse or overcrowding which could lead to difficulties when navigating previously uploaded images. For this reason we have imposed the following changes to our image policy:

    • All images uploaded to the wiki should be for the sole purpose of being used on the articles, in mediawiki pages, on policy pages, in templates, and on rare occasions on categories.
    • Personal or user images, designated for personal use, should be hosted on a foreign image hosting site (such as Imgur) and then added to the wiki through the resize template - {{R}} (help page)
    • The type, description, license, source, and variants of the image should be added to the file page using the {{Image summary}} template.
    • Uploaders must add the source and license through which the image was obtained on the file page, through the above template, to ensure the legality of the image.
    • Uploaders must do a check on previously uploaded images found in the image category to avoid duplicate image uploads. A secondary warning is issued upon upload if the system recognises a duplicate image.

    Images which are currently hosted on the wiki will be removed/changed by the admins and replaced by a like-for-like image either through a re-upload with a known source and license or through the {{R}} template for user images as a measure of good faith, however newly uploaded images which do not follow our Image Policy may be at risk of deletion.

    The changes may seem like a lot more effort than simply uploading an image, however it will pay off in the long run and help to push Destinypedia in a high WAM ranking and thus to being one of the best wikis for the best group of fans! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the recent changes, please leave them here.

    Regards, The Admin Team

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    • So, Destinypedia gets all the strict rules, while Halo wiki doesn't follow any of these.

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    • These rules are Inforced to gaurentee smooth running of the page and also to make the Destinypedia team's job a lot easier. They could always close down Destinypedia instead of running it. So I'd advise you Noble Sixty Three, to get over it.

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    • T3CHNOCIDE cleared up everything, so now I understand it was to better the wiki.

      P.S. Thanks for not calling me Noble Sickly Tree or any of that BS.

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    • No problemo mate!

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    • Noble Sixty Three wrote: So, Destinypedia gets all the strict rules, while Halo wiki doesn't follow any of these.

      Hey, sorry I didn't get a notification for this. As DangerCloseGamers pointed out, the rules may be strict compared to Halo Nation, but they're there to ensure the best quality of the wiki and to make sure that when fans want information they instantly think about usĀ :) Halo Nation is really laxed on it's rules, and because of that it's always seen as second rate to Halopedia.

      From my experience on Halo Nation, I want to avoid the mistakes that were made there and insure that we are the best we can be, for our community and for Destiny fans everywhere. I hope that helps clear things up a little moreĀ :)

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    • Halo nation is a really good wiki, but they have A LOT more people running the wiki, meaning they don't really need too many rules. I really did like the Halo Nation staff though. Awesome people, just like my mates at Destinypedia!

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    • A FANDOM user
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