• Hello again Destinypedians!

    I've got even more news about the updates and changes on Destinypedia; but don't worry, nothing has been deleted this week. In fact, it's the opposite! After a few days of work, we're happy to announce that Destinypedia has rolled out it's own monobook theme.

    "Monobook theme?" I hear you ask. Well most users will automatically be on the default wiki theme known as the "Wikia" or "Oasis" theme, which looks like a two small bars at the top and bottom of the screen with a large vertical column in the centre of the screen where the articles and side rail sit. Monobook is closer to Wikipedia's own theme and is the most common theme on other "off-site" wikis. Examples of the monobook layout, and our specific monobook theme can be seen below.

    529w66l.png dQjWl9a.png

    Monobook is automatically disabled for users, but it can be activated for those who are registered and have an account. So if you prefer a larger reading space for areas then the following steps (with visualisation) will help you to activate it. However, be warned. Most Wikia wikis are used to readers using the oasis theme and thus neglect their monobook themes so it's likely to reduce viewing experience on other wikis.

    1. Hover over your username at the top right-hand side of the browser to activate the drop down box.
    2. Select the "My preferences" option to open up your user preferences. If you haven't used this before, please explore it.
    3. Scroll down to the "Appearance" section and click the drop down box option on "Layout".
    4. Click the "Monobook" book option and scroll down and save.
    5. HURRAH! You're using monobook.
    6. To return to the wikia theme, click "My Preferences" on the top-right userbar and repeat steps 4 and onwards selecting "Wikia" not "Monobook"
    9ybezKS.png F363KKV.png
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