• Hi everyone!

    With Rise of Iron just around the corner everyone has been busy working to get the wiki ready, and grabbing screenshots of items that could soon become harder to obtain, as has happened with every single expansion release in the past.

    Anyway, here is the summary for the backend changes that have been made over the past month.

    • The upload form at Special:Upload has been updated. Its currently in a "beta" state, offering stable functionality but still needing refinement. Feedback is welcomed.
    • A countdown to Rise of Iron has been added to the main page.
    • DestinyWikiBot has worked hard and created a tonne of missing articles. The bots logic is always getting better, but if you spot anything that isn't right, let us know.

    Wikia has been busy in this past month as well.

    • Edits can be "liked". Help:Appreciation
    • Efforts are being made to better tie in the Discussions and Wiki communities.

    Hope everyone has been well.


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    • Can we go by the system of having future images having the expansion tag system?

      Like instead of just the name, it goes "ROI" and then the name. I've been doing that with The Taken King as images from each major expansion change the colors of item backgrounds.

      Vanilla has a Pale Blue Background, Taken King has it's Purplish Gray, and Rise of Iron has Vibrant Blue.

      It's also a good way to know from which expansion it's from if it isn't obvious.

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    • It only helps so much.

      During Destiny, The Dark Below and House of Wolves expansion periods, the background was pale blue. Essentially 1 single year. Further more, the background only indicates the year in which the screenshot was captured.

      Many of the images you've upload with TTK were introduced during year 1. (EG: File:TTK_Vanth_Orcus_0A0X_Helmet.png

      In terms of identifying the expansion that gear came from, I'm planning on adding a field many to the Infoboxes for this exact purpose. I've also already implemented the Category:Images/by Game category tree for images (the only images there that are iffy are the ones in the "Destiny Images" root category).

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    • Cool. I more did the system to show what the item currently looked like, and from which expansion the image was from.

      That new system will be nice to use!

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