• Hi everyone!

    Here is the summary of the changes made in the past 2 months.

    • You may have noticed that Wikia has rolled out Special:Community. Here is the Blog Post about it.
      • With its introduction a new side rail module was added. This has been styled via MediaWiki:Common.css by extending the existing side rail styles.
      • As of writing, the Community page isn't being affected by our custom styles, giving it a drab grey look. This will be fixed in a day or 2 when Wikia finishes that part of the rollout.
    • The image categorisation structure has been completely overhauled, with the goal being to aid in maintenance tasks, prepare for the eventual sequel to Destiny, eliminate redundancies, and still be navigable by the community.
      • Most of the new image categories have been created, the exception being the categories related to inventory item images.
      • Well over 2000 images have been categorised under the new system already.
      • The UI at Special:Upload will be updated to reflect the changes soon after the recategorisation has completed.
    • T3CHNOCIDE has refreshed the wiki's Twitter account. The account is now operated by a bot that at this stage posts the weekly/daily activities, weekly reset, links to articles, and some Destiny Wiki stats.
    • And of course, there's always more that I've missed.

    There are more changes planned for the coming month, especially now that Rise of Iron has been announced.

    Suggestions and feedback on what's changed is always welcomed, and wanted.

    - Silicon

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