• Hi everyone,

    Here is the recent changes rollup for April.

    • User:DestinyWikiBot no longer is active in the chat. While its presence did increase the number of users that joined in for a time, it was mainly to ogle at the fact that someone (or rather something) was in the chat.
    • The Convert template has been superseded by Module:Convert, as it uses significantly less pages, and should greatly improve performance if used. At this stage, the documentation is nothing more than link to the module on Wikipedia.
    • Uncategorised images have started to be categorised. Similarly, improperly categorised images are being fixed. Once this is complete, the category structure for images will be overhauled, with the intention of preparing in advance for the eventual and inevitable sequel, and to improve navigation.
    • All item articles should now have an associated itemhash value in the infobox. The exceptions to the rule are here: Silicon Soldier/List of Items without an Itemhash.
    • Modified Monobook.css to share the same background colour as the standard Wikia skin.
    • DestinyWikiBot has created articles for the majority of the items introduced by the April Update.

    There is more, as always, with more changes planned on the horizon.

    If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, fire away.

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