• Hi everyone!

    Here is the summary of the changes made to Destiny Wiki in the past month.

    • T3CHNOCIDE has been busy working on DestinyWikiBot.
      • The bot now is active in the Chat, providing hourly chat archive functionality, and provides a few commands of use to moderators. (below)
        • !kick - Kicks specified user from the chat
        • !ban - Bans specified user from the chat
        • !unban - Unbans specified user from the chat
        • !status - Returns basic chat bot running information
        • !update - Forces chat log update prior to end of hour
      • The article create/update functionality has been rewritten and improved.
        • Can now handle creation of articles for items that will require a disambiguation page.
        • Can now handle creation of articles by itemhash value. (Syntax is *||itemhash||, primarily serves as a workaround for items hidden at the Armory)
    • Refinements to design of Flag Templates.
    • Template categorisation has been redone. It should now be much easier to find the template your after.
    • Removal of several templates that duplicated functionality of others, were unused, etc.
    • General category clean up.
    • Started clean up of UnusedFiles.
    • Added Video Integrator JavaScript extension. This was added to bring support for Twitch Stream embedding, and will not work for mobile users. As such, this is not for use on articles.

    I'm sure I've missed something, but that's the bulk of it there.

    If anyone suggestions for this month, fire away!

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    • What would happen if I kicked the Bot from chat using the command? Would it be KickCeption? :3

      Regardless, very good work this week, T3CH. I think you're a fantastic Admin. You too, Silicon. Keep up the good work.

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    • Nothing would happen, because the bot is an admin and admins can't be kicked. It's why we always ban instead of kick over on Bravo.

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    • At first glance there is nothing on the bots end to prevent an attempt at blocking an admin, so it would have to be on Wikia's end.

      By the way, those commands work like the following:!kick>Silicon Soldier

      Some of the other commands I think can take further arguments too. (like ban duration).

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    • A FANDOM user
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