• Hi everyone!

    Here is the summary of the changes made to Destiny Wiki in the past month.

    • The Images template has been modified in an attempt to help sort the crazy number of articles occupying the Articles needing images category.
      • The "itemtype" parameter is used to specify the type of item the article that needs the image is, e.g. "itemtype=Armor". This parameter is for articles that focus on an item, and all item articles that use the template have been updated with the changes.
    • The Infobox/PvPmap template has had its parameters simplified. No articles need to be modified, as my bot has already made the necessary changes. The following parameters have been changed:
      • num_players > players.
      • num_of_heavy_ammo_drops > heavyammo.
      • stationary_turrets > turrents. (this parameter may be redundant, if so let me know).
    • The API template had its style updated to that of the other article management templates.
    • The Quote and BigQuote templates have been given a visual overhaul to bring it inline with the wiki's current style.
    • The references section has had CSS added to slightly reduce the font size. One this note, keep in mind that when referencing content on the wiki, it must be contained by <small></small> tags.
      EG: <small>[[Article Name]]</small>
    • The "Title" template has been removed, due to it be incompatible with the mobile skin. The functionality offered by the template is still available with the use of the DISPLAYTITLE magic word.
      EG: {{DISPLAYTITLE:Alternative Article Name}}
      • There is a bug on the mobile skin regarding the use of the magic word and use of the editor. Basically, if on the mobile skin you were to start editing, you'll end up editing the page at Alternative Article Name rather than Actual Article Name. Wikia has been informed of this issue, and it has been confirmed on their end, so rest assured a fix is incoming.
    • Performance improvements:
      • Redundant JavaScript has been removed.
      • The JavaScript dependent CategoryButton template was redesigned to require no JavaScript.
      • CSS has been optimized.
      • Several main page images have been compressed, saving at least 500kb overall.
      • The JavaScript animated main page navigation squares have been modified to use the new CSS3 animations.
    • Silicon Soldier Bot was given the bot flag, stopping its automated edits from flooding WikiActivity.

    If there are any areas that everyone would like to see worked on going forward, let me know.

    --Silicon Soldier

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    • Seems like Silicontron was busy. Good luck, Soldier!

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    • Thanks, this is just me with too much time no my hands, haha.

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    • A FANDOM user
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