• Hi everyone!

    Lots of changes has been made recently, mostly behind the scenes, so I though I'd create this post to keep everyone in the loop.

    • A new infobox has been created for quests called Infobox/Quest. This infobox has been implemented on all quest pages, except for some from before the release of The Taken King.
    • A new infobox has been created for sparrows called Infobox/Sparrow. Every sparrow page should have then new template applied.
    • With sparrow articles no longer requiring Infobox/Vehicle, it has been redesigned to cater for articles detailing enemy vehicles like the Pike.
    • Infobox/Decoration has been merged with a redesigned Infobox/Item. Every article that uses either infobox should already by updated.
    • Infobox/Jumpship has been updated and every jumpship article updated to reflect the recent changes.
    • For those who the Monobook skin

    There are many more small changes, but those are the highlights (that I can remember).

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    • Nice job with the Infoboxes. Glad to see Sparrow are seperate now, considering how many there are now.

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    • A FANDOM user
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