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  • "*humming*"
  • "A new battle awaits, Guardian."
  • "But we are stronger now."
  • "Do not stop fighting, Guardian."
  • "Do not stop fighting."
  • "Even an ember still burns if it can still be stoked."
  • "For your efforts."
  • "Good luck."
  • "Humanity is in your care, Guardian."
  • "I cannot help you if I don't know what you need, Guardian!"
  • "I cannot wake the Traveler myself, Guardian, as much as I should. That's why we need you!"
  • "I thought? No... No!"
  • "If only the Nine would help."
  • "If they find it, can they contain it?"
  • "If you come looking for wise words, I shall try but I ask you to turn them into action."
  • "It belongs in hands as capable as yours. Wield it well."
  • "It is dim, but it can be wielded... shaped."
  • "Keep looking, keep fighting."
  • "May your actions keep us safe."
  • "Not Light, but not darkness. Something else?"
  • "Our courage is growing, thanks to you."
  • "Our worlds are safer."
  • "Perhaps, beyond the Jovians."
  • "Perhaps your Ghost can help you find what you need."
  • "Please, Guardian, let me help you."
  • "Please, Guardian, your power is better spent with our enemies."
  • "Protect us all, Guardian."
  • "Return to the fight, Guardian."
  • "Silence from you too, now? Or perhaps I've gone deaf."
  • "Silence, still?" *Sighs*
  • "Silence, still? And the Darkness moves closer."
  • "Something powerful is down there. I can feel it."
  • "That is good news."
  • "The City is incredible, Guardian. Your strength is needed beyond its walls to protect t."
  • "The Light is with you, Guardian. Let your Ghost guide you where it is needed."
  • "The Traveler works through you."
  • "The Wolves are near. She is a fool to think she can control them."
  • "There are greater battles coming. Be ready."
  • "There are many paths ahead of you, Guardian."
  • "There is little time. We need you out there, Guardian."
  • "There is still much to do and learn beyond this city."
  • "There must be a way to find it to bring it back."
  • "There's no time for questions. We must be bold."
  • "There's still so much more ground to cover."
  • "This suits you. Use it well."
  • "Time is short, Guardian. Perhaps I can help you."
  • "Until we meet again, Guardian."
  • "We cannot give up hope."
  • "We have much that could help you."
  • "We hope you understand how grateful we are."
  • "What happened there. Can we use it?"
  • "What you have done, is changing this world, Guardian."
  • "Whatever hides in plain sight is making its own plans."
  • "Wield your Light well, Guardian."
  • "Yes, Guardian. What do you need?"
  • "Yes. Just the thing for you."
  • "You are a true weapon of Light."
  • "You must return to the fight, Guardian."
  • "You wield the Light well, Titan."
  • "You've done well, Guardian."
  • "You've impressed us all."
  • "Your actions give me hope."
  • "Your Ghost has served you well, it seems."
  • "Your Ghost informs me of all you've done."
  • "Your Ghost spent so long looking for you, Guardian. Do not let it go to waste."
  • "Your light shines strong, Warlock."
  • "Your power is a lot greater than when we last met."
  • "Your power will continue to grow, Guardian."
  • "Your return inspires us all."
  • "Your silence is no comfort to me, Guardian."
  • "What have you found? Oh."
  • "There was nothing more you could've done."
  • "When our light is stronger. Not now."
  • "That is good news!"
  • "I fear so little remains."
  • "Where was this?"
  • "We shall see. Thank you."
  • "No. We aren't ready."
  • "There is still so much more ground to cover."
  • "Then they are vulnerable. Good."


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