The Crux of Darkness is a quest that ultimately rewards an Essence of the Oversoul, which is used to upgrade Eidolon Ally into Necrochasm. The quest is given upon obtaining a Husk of the Pit, which can drop randomly after killing a Hive enemy.

Quest StepsEdit

Step OneEdit

Quest step icon Born of the Pit
""The Husk of the Pit is a foul creation of the Hive. Do not let it corrupt your Light." —The Speaker"


  1. Upgrade the Husk of the Pit and transform it into Eidolon Ally.
    • The Husk of the Pit must be upgraded by killing a certain type of Hive enemy: Thralls, Knights, or Wizards. The type of enemy kills needed is chosen at random.

Step TwoEdit

Quest step icon The Speaker Knows
""The power of the Darkness can seem compelling. But the Light will always overcome it." – The Speaker"


  1. Take Eidolon Ally to the Speaker in the Tower.


  1. 25 Motes of Light

Step ThreeEdit

Quest step icon Secrets of the Hive
""Every Hive Prince keeps his secrets close. Knowledge is part of their power." —Eris Morn"


  1. Visit Eris Morn in the Tower to learn the ways of Eidolon Ally.

Step FourEdit

Quest step icon Ally of the Dark
""Hive energy courses through Eidolon Ally. Only their blood will feed its hunger." – The Speaker"


  1. Collect Hive power by traversing The Abyss and defeating Crota in the 390 Light version of "Crota's End" raid and killing Omnigul in "The Will of Crota" strike.

Step FiveEdit

Quest step icon Return to Eris Morn
""I stole this from the Hive long ago. It helped me in a dire time." —Eris Morn"


  1. Speak to Eris Morn in the Tower.


  1. Essence of the Oversoul