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Crucible emblem

Emblem for Crucible.

The Crucible is Destiny's competitive, player-vs-player (PvP) multiplayer game mode.[1] In between story-driven, cooperative, or solo activities, Guardians can travel to orbit and select the Crucible, and immediately head into competitive play.[2]

For investing time in the Crucible, players gain Crucible Marks (a currency) and Crucible Reputation, which in turn can be used to purchase special weapons and armor at the Tower. Players can also earn gear by participating in matches, but the specifics of what leads to these unlocks (playing, winning, accomplishing feats, etc.) is unknown.[2]

List of Game Modes Edit

There are a total of six Crucible gametypes in which competitive objectives are set for the Guardian teams:

List of Crucible Maps Edit

For a list of all Crucible maps, please visit the category page at Category:Crucible Maps.

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