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Crucible emblem

Emblem for Crucible.

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Hone your skills and win glory in battle against other Guardians.
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— In-game description

The Crucible is the competitive player-vs-player (PvP) multiplayer activity in Destiny. Once one Guardian on a player's account reaches level 5, it is unlocked for all of a player's Guardians.

For completing Crucible matches, Guardians gain 3 or 2 Crucible Marks and 25 or 10 Crucible Reputation, depending on a win or loss. Crucible marks can be used to purchase special weapons and armor in the Tower. Players can also earn loot by completing matches.[1]

List of GametypesEdit

List of MapsEdit






Crucible ReputationEdit

Crucible Reputation is an attribute awarded to Guardians for completing Crucible bounties.[4] Once a Guardian reaches a high enough Crucible Reputation, he or she will be able to purchase items from Arcite 99-40 and Lord Shaxx in the Tower.[4]

Crucible Rank Required amount of Reputation to reach
Rank 1 1500 Reputation
Rank 2 2000 Reputation
Rank 3 2500 Reputation

Crucible MarksEdit


Crucible Marks are an exchange currency that can be used to purchase Crucible weapons, armor and resources from Arcite 99-40 and Lord Shaxx.[5][6] Once a Guardian reaches level 18, he or she will earn 3 Crucible Marks for each win and 2 Crucible Marks for each loss in the Crucible up to a maximum of 100 per week and an inventory cap of 200.[7] Having a score of 0 in a match won't grant you any marks.

Crucible CommendationsEdit


Introduced in The Dark Below, Crucible Commendations are awarded to Guardians upon ranking up in Crucible reputation starting at reputation rank 3. Commendations are delivered through Kadi 55-30. Commendations, in conjuction with Crucible Marks, can be used to purchase new legendary weapons from the Crucible Quartermaster.


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