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At close quarters a fist is better than any gun.
― Description
Striker class icon

Striker subclass icon.

Striker is a Titan subclass in Destiny. This class encourages a "close-range" and "physical" Titan.

The Striker's super ability is the Fist of Havoc, a close-ranged attack that allows one to "smash the ground and dissolve nearby enemies in a maelstrom of Arc Light."[1]

Skill TreeEdit


  • Flashbang Grenade: An explosive grenade that disorients the enemies it damages. Binds to L1/LB
  • Pulse Grenade: A grenade that periodically damages enemies inside its explosive radius. Binds to L1/LB
  • Lightning Grenade: A grenade that sticks to any surface, periodically emitting bolts of lightning. Binds to L1/LB

Movement AbilitiesEdit

  • Lift: Jump and press again while in the air to activate Lift.

Modifiers Edit

  • Increased Height: Upgrades Lift to travel to greater heights.
  • Increased Control: Upgrades Lift for better directional control while in the air.
  • Catapult: Upgrades Lift to provide a strong initial burst of momentum.

Super AbilityEdit

  • Fist of Havoc: Smash the ground and dissolve nearby enemies in a maelstrom of Arc Light. Binds to R1 and L1/RB and LB

Modifiers Edit

  • Aftermath: Fist of Havoc leaves a damage-dealing field in its wake.
  • Death from Above: After jumping, Fist of Havoc can be aimed at enemies below.
  • Shockwave: Fist of Havoc unleashes a wave of devastating energy which travels along the ground.

Melee AbilityEdit

  • Storm Fist: A punishing melee attack that deals bonus damage. Binds to R1/RB

Modifiers Edit

  • Overload: Hits with Storm Fist have a chance to immediately reset its cooldown.
  • Discharge: Hits with Storm Fist deal area of effect damage around the target.
  • Amplify: Kills with Storm Fist significantly reduce the cooldown of Fist of Havoc.

Class ModifiersEdit

  • Titan Codex I: Training focused on battle recovery and toughness.
  • Titan Codex II: Training focused on speed and toughness.
  • Titan Codex III: Training focused on battle recovery and speed.

Ability ModifiersEdit

  • Headstrong: Sprinting increases the leap distance of Fist of Havoc.
  • Aftershocks: Increases the duration of the Pulse Grenade, Lightning Grenade, and Aftermath.
  • Transfusion: Kills with Storm Fist or Shoulder Charge immediately trigger health regeneration.

Attribute ModifierEdit

  • Titan Codex IV: Training focused on all attributes.
  • Titan Codex V: Training focused on maximum battle recovery.
  • Titan Codex VI: Training focused on raw speed.

Ability ModifierEdit

  • Unstoppable: You are harder to kill while using Fist of Havoc.
  • Shoulder Charge: After sprinting for a short time, unleash a devastating melee attack.
  • Juggernaut: After sprinting for a short time, gain a protective shield.

Subclass ArmorEdit



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