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Strike emblem

Emblem for Strike.

A Strike is a cooperative game mode available in Destiny.[1][2] A Strike is a structured, progressive, cooperative adventure "ideal for pick-up groups or friends looking for a quick battle together."[1] Strikes are replayable, designed for three-person Fireteams, and usually take 15-30 minutes to complete.[3][4]

Strikes always begin in a public area, so the Fireteam can begin participating in public events, encounter other Fireteams, or explore.[3] When the Fireteam enters the "Strike proper," it becomes private, and the Fireteam will no longer encounter other players.[3] At that point, players go through a structured, crafted mission that culminates in one or more boss battles.[3]

Known Strike MissionsEdit






Strike Playlists allow players to play random Strikes with increased difficulty to earn Vanguard Marks, reputation and gear upgrades.

The four playlists difficulties available are :

Eagle Viper Wolf Tiger
Level 18 20 22 24
Vanguard Marks 0 2 3 6
Reputation 10 12 14 25


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