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Shrike concept

A Sparrow is a land-based vehicle used for rapid local transportation. Sparrows are used by Guardians to get from place to place quickly within a map or area. Each Guardian has at least one unique, personalized Sparrow stored in that player's jumpship, which can be summoned at will.

A new character will obtain his or her first Sparrow during the mission The Warmind. Other Sparrows can be obtained by opening the five Golden Loot Chests on Earth or purchasing them from the Tower.


Sparrows are lightweight, fast-moving craft designed to provide Guardians with a way to quickly get around on a planetary surface. Little more than a drive engine, antigrav system, steering system, and seat, the Sparrow is lightweight, fast, and maneuverable, capable of getting a Guardian into or out of danger, and its small size means it is easily acquired from Guardian Transmat Networks. Sparrows come in a dizzying array of colors and styles, ranging from simple versions favored by Guardian neophytes to powerful, custom-built versions with unique drive engines and options such as rotational thrusters or strafing engines. Steering is managed via the pedals, whilst the hand grips control thrust and braking mechanisms. A comms system and sensor suite is located right in front of the driver's seat.

The Sparrow is not a combat vehicle. While it is fast and relatively hard to hit, it is also rather fragile and easily destroyed by enemy fire, and gives next to no cover whatsoever to its rider. Sparrows can, however, run down smaller enemies, especially more advanced versions that are both faster and offer a tougher chassis. The Sparrow is prone to rolling over if used carelessly. Some Sparrows, fitted with strafe or rotational thrusters, have less of a problem with this, but for many Guardians, the Sparrow needs to be handled with caution, or it can be quite capable of flipping at an inopportune time. Additionally, certain Sparrows are equipped with the ability to boost into overdrive at a much higher extent than normal, but extreme caution must be used as the Sparrow will explode if the overdrive is used too much.

After taking enough damage, a Sparrow will fire its engines and launch itself as a projectile, exploding on impact and causing damage to anything nearby.


The durability and speed of the Sparrow directly corresponds to its rarity.

Rarity Durability Speed
Tier 1 (Basic) 70 3
Tier 2 (Uncommon) 90 5
Tier 3 (Rare) 100 6
Tier 4 (Legendary) 110 7
Tier 5 (Legendary) 120 6

Tier 1Edit

This is the basic Sparrow S-10 that every Guardian can acquire by completing The Warmind.

Tier 2Edit

These are the 20-class Sparrows, with the exception of the Sparrow S-10V. Each class will have different Sparrows in this tier. However, any class can ride any sparrow, for instance a Hunter can use a Titan Sparrow.

Tier 3Edit

These are the 30-class Sparrows.

Tier 4Edit

These are the 30-class Sparrows upgraded with a drive from Xûr. He sells "Emerald Coil", Plasma Drive, Stealth Drive, and Void Drive. Each increases the speed and durability of the Sparrow, but also changes the contrail color. Emerald Coil will make the contrail green, Plasma Drive will make it blue, Void Drive will make it purple, and Stealth Drive will make it red.

Tier 5Edit

These are special legendary Sparrows. Most have high durability and speed, with the exception of the EV-30, 31, 32, and 33, which have only Tier 3 speed and durability. 



  • The Sparrow was designed to be in keeping with Destiny's overarching fantasy theme elements, giving the "knights" of the Destiny world a "horse" to ride.[1] Bungie Art Lead Tom Doyle stated that the Sparrow was inspired by wanting to give players "the experience of having a glorious beast to convey them from place to place - something that represented them."[1] It is designed to make getting from place to place "fun... not a menu option."[1]
  • A Sparrow is capable of achieving speeds of up to 220 kilometers per hour, but not in gameplay.[2]


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