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Sam Jones is a long-time Bungie employee and is a Lead Environment Artist for the Moon and Mars locations in Destiny.[1][2][3] He left Rare Ltd. to join Bungie in 2006 as an environment artist working on Halo 3, and has continued to help create environment art in all subsequent Bungie games since.[1]

In interviews, Jones has described his responsibilities as both managing (by helping other artists complete their work and fulfill their careers)[4] and acting as a production artist and "environment overlord," a position that requires him to be integrated deeply with other departments such as design, concept, and audio.[3] He elaborated, noting that his art production responsibilities in production art include "'massing out' spaces (making the earliest possible 3D representation of a level) and moving these through 'architecting' (making the missions more functional in engine and better to play as well as look at), then finally 'finishing' them (polish and bugs)."[4]

Jones has been interviewed several times about his own career as well as environment art in Bungie games,[2][4][5] He has stated that "both sides of my job are just as much fun as each other" and that he is "still loving every second of it."[4]


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