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Return to Fallen territory and hunt for parts to restore your ship's ability for interplanetary travel.
― In-game description

Restoration is a story mission in Destiny and takes place in Old Russia, Earth. This mission grants the Guardian a warp drive, allowing space exploration to other planets and moons.


  • Recon the crash site: Investigate the downed Guardian ship in the Steppes.
  • Access the Cosmodrome network: Descend into the Cosmodrome tunnels and use Ghost to link to the information hub.
  • Find a warp drive: Return to Dock 13 and secure an interplanetary warp drive for your ship.
  • Defeat the Archon: Kill Riksis, Archon of the Fallen House of Devils, and steal a warp drive for your ship.


{Loading screen}

  • GHOST: There is so little left out here. We were lucky to even find this ship. A Guardian can't do much to protect the City without one. But it needs a warp drive if we ever hope to fight beyond Earth, and that Cosmodrome is the only place I know where we might still find one. We survived the Fallen once; we can do it again.


  • GHOST: A Guardian's ship was recently shot down here. If the Fallen haven't gotten to it, there might be parts we can salvage.

The Guardian approaches a ship wreckage and deploys the Ghost to scan it.

  • GHOST: The ship's avionics are completely catatonic, but I can cull their last transmission.

A garbled, noisy transmission plays.

  • GHOST: They managed to restore an information hub here, down in the tunnels below. We should check it out.

The Guardian heads into a nearby building and finds a terminal.

  • GHOST: A map of the entire area.

The Guardian deploys the Ghost to scan the map.

  • GHOST: What we really need to find is a warp drive so we can jump to any planet or moon. Our only hope is where we found our ship. We have to go back.

The Guardian leaves the building and heads into another building.

  • GHOST: Scanning for the warp drive. Bad news: it's already in Fallen hands.

The Guardian heads further into the building.

  • GHOST: I hope you're ready for this.

The Guardian finds several Fallen enemies and kills them. Riksis, Devil Archon enters from a hole in the wall.

  • GHOST: It's in the walls!

The Guardian kills Riksis and the other Fallen enemies.

  • GHOST: You just killed an Archon. This could cripple the Fallen. And we got a warp drive! I have to get you to the Speaker.


  • GHOST: You just killed an Archon, and we got a warp drive! This could cripple the Fallen. We need to see the Speaker.

{Mission ends}


In the Tower, the Guardian meets with The Speaker.

  • THE SPEAKER: There was a time when we were much more powerful. But that was long ago. Until it wakes and finds its voice, I am the one who speaks for The Traveler.

The Speaker shows the Guardian the Traveler hovering above The City.

  • THE SPEAKER: You must have no end of questions, Guardian. In its dying breath, The Traveler created the Ghosts to seek out those who can wield its Light as a weapon—Guardians—to protect us and do what the Traveler itself no longer can.
  • GUARDIAN: What happened to it?
  • THE SPEAKER: I could tell you of the great battle centuries ago, how the Traveler was crippled. I could tell you of the power of The Darkness, its ancient enemy. There are many tales told throughout the City to frighten children. Lately, those tales have stopped. Now... the children are frightened anyway. The Darkness is coming back. We will not survive it this time.
  • GHOST: Its armies surround us. The Fallen are just the beginning.
  • GUARDIAN: What can I do?
  • THE SPEAKER: You must push back the Darkness. Guardians are fighting on Earth and beyond. Join them. Your Ghost will guide you. I only hope he chose wisely.

The Speaker leaves.

  • GHOST: I did. I'm sure of it. We're in this together now.


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