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Raid Emblem

Emblem for Raid.

A Raid is a six-player cooperative mission. Raids are typically very difficult, requiring communication between players and high-level abilities and gear.[1]


Unlike Story missions and Strikes, Raids do not give players objectives or waypoints and instead force Guardians to figure everything out themselves.[2] Because of the necessity of communication and coordination, Raids do not support matchmaking.[3]

There are two difficulties: Normal and Hard. Normal mode focuses on learning the Raid's mechanics, communicating with the team, and strategizing.[2] In addition to everything in Normal, Hard mode focuses on more difficult execution, including deadlier enemies, increased Raid mechanic difficulty, and a harsher death penalty. Hard mode is unlocked after the Raid is first completed on Normal.[2]

Raids can be stopped and then resumed at a different time or day, but all progress will be lost after the weekly reset each Tuesday.[2]


Each Raid has one set of armor that can be earned per difficulty and one exclusive legendary weapon of each type.[2]

Once a Guardian receives loot for an encounter, that Guardian is locked out from receiving any further loot from that encounter until the weekly reset each Tuesday.[2]

List of Raids Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Destiny's raids are designed by Luke Smith.[4][5]
  • Prior to Destiny's release, there were several misconceptions about the difficulty of Raids. Eric Osborne stated that on one particular raid, he and his team "spent over 45 minutes just cracking the entrance."[4] Luke Smith clarified that the group probably "had some communication issues," adding that "once your group understands how to open the Vault, it's not going to take anywhere near 45 minutes."[2] Eric also claimed that during a playtest, a group of players was not able to complete a Raid even after sixteen hours.[6] Luke clarified this also by saying that those particular players were not given any help or advice about the gameplay or the raid's mechanics and that once a group understands the encounters, it shouldn't take longer than three hours to complete a Raid.[2][7]

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