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Raid Emblem

Emblem for Raid.

A Raid is a six-player cooperative mission. Raids are typically very difficult, requiring communication between players and high-level abilities and gear.[1]


Unlike Story missions and Strikes, Raids do not give players objectives or waypoints and instead force Guardians to figure everything out themselves.[2] Because of the necessity of communication and coordination, Raids do not support matchmaking.[3]

There are two difficulties: Normal and Hard. Normal mode focuses on learning the Raid's mechanics, communicating with the team, and strategizing.[2] In addition to everything in Normal, Hard mode focuses on a more difficult execution, including deadlier enemies, increased Raid mechanic difficulty, and a harsher death penalty. Hard mode is unlocked after the Raid is first completed on Normal.[2]

Raids can be stopped and then resumed at a different time or day as long as the fireteam leader is the same player.[4] However, all progress will be lost after the weekly reset each Tuesday.[2]


Each Raid has one set of armor that can be earned per difficulty and one exclusive legendary weapon of each type.[2]

Once a Guardian receives loot for an encounter, that Guardian is locked out from receiving any further loot from that encounter until the weekly reset each Tuesday.[2]

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