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Public Events

A player participating in a Public Event.

A Public Event is a type of global multiplayer minigame in Destiny wherein numerous players, grouped in fireteams, work together to complete a specific objective in order to earn experience and loot, often during Patrol.[1]

Public Events are rated after completion based on the Guardians' performance. If time runs out before the objective is met, the Guardians will receive a Bronze-tier rating. If time runs out but the Guardians manage to almost complete the objective, the Guardians will receive a Silver rating. If the objective is completed before the timer runs out, the Guardians will receive a Gold rating. Guardians are rewarded with Glimmer, experience, and sometimes a rare material for Gold-Tier ratings, which are rewarded instantly. Guardians can also pick up an additional reward at the postmaster if its their first gold-tier rating of the day.[2]

Known Public Events Edit

Defeat the Extraction Crews Edit

Players must work together to eliminate groups of Fallen at two to four different extraction points. Each extraction point is marked by a hovering extractor and protected by one group of enemies delivered by a Skiff. After each point is cleared, a new one will appear elsewhere in the zone and will be protected by tougher enemies. Players are given one minute to kill the defenders at each of the extraction points, as well as an additional minute in order to locate and travel to a new point once it appears.

Destroy the Fallen Walker Edit

A Fallen Skiff drops a Devil Walker (Earth), an Iron Walker (Moon), or a Winter Walker (Venus) and the players must come together to destroy the vehicle. Other Fallen troops will also appear in the area. Players are given five minutes to complete this task.

Defend the WARSAT Edit

A WARSAT falls from the sky and crashes somewhere in the area. The machine must be scanned by a Ghost and protected until the scanning procedure reaches one hundred percent. In order for the percentage to increase Guardians must stand within a ring that encircles the satellite. More players near the satellite will result in faster percentage growth. Enemies will attack to drive the guardians away, by emerging from nearby caves or being delivered by Skiffs, Tombships, or Harvesters. Players are given four minutes to complete the scan.

Kill the Enemy Target Edit

A powerful enemy spawns within the vicinity and must be killed by the players before it can visit a series of checkpoints. The number of checkpoints may vary depending on the enemy, as well as the location. Targets are major enemies but with increased health and often shields which recharge very quickly. Players are given five minutes to complete this task.

Prevent Vex Sacrifices Edit

A Vex conflux will appear in the area, and hordes of Vex units will spawn near it and attempt to approach it and sacrifice themselves. Players must stop the enemies from reaching it; if one sacrifice occurs the players will not earn a gold rank for the event and if ten occur the event will be a failure. As the timer counts down, stronger and more numerous enemies will appear. Players are given between four and five minutes to complete this task.

Public Event Schedule Edit

Earth (Old Russia)Edit

Main article: Old Russia
  • The Steppes
    • Event: Defeat the Extraction Crews
      • Start Times: X:15-X:30& X:40-X:55
  • Mothyards
    • Event: Defend the Warsat, Kill Target, or Defeat Extraction Crews
      • Start Times: X:55 - X:00 & X:25 - X:35
  • The Divide
    • Event: Destroy the Devil Walker
      • Start Times: X:10-X:15 & X:30-X:45 & X:50-X:55
  • Rocketyard
    • Event: Kill Hallowed Knight
      • Start Times: X:15-X:20
  • Forgotten Shore
    • Event: Kill Fallen Captain or Defeat Extraction Crews
      • Start Times: X:05-X:10 & X:35-X:40
  • Skywatch
    • Event: Defend the Warsat
      • Start Times: X:00-X:05 & X:30-X:35

Moon (Ocean of Storms) Edit

Main article: Ocean of Storms
  • Archer's Line
    • Event: Defend the Warsat
      • Start Times: X:00-X:07 & X:25-X:30 & X:45-50
    • Event: Kill Target
      • Start Times: X:10-X:15
  • Hellmouth
    • Event: Defeat the Extraction Crews
      • Start Times: X:45
    • Event: Kill Target
      • Start Times: X:15 & X:40-X:45
  • Anchor of Light
    • Event: Defend the Warsat
      • Start Times: X:00-X:05, X:30
    • Event: Destroy the Iron Walker
      • Start Times: X:30 & X:45
    • Event: Eliminate the Target (Ether Runner)
      • Start Times: X:05-X:10 & X:30 & X:45

Venus (Ishtar Sink) Edit

Main article: Ishtar Sink
  • Ember Caves
    • Event: Defeat the Extraction Crews
      • Start Times: X:05 & X:30-X:35
    • Event: Destroy the Winter Walker
      • Start Times: X:10 & X:30-X:40
  • Citadel
    • Event: Keep the Vex Away from the Conflux[2]
      • Start Times: X:15 & X:35-X:40
    • Note: The description stated "Prevent Vex Sacrifices," allowing up to 10 sacrifices before ending the event. There is a countdown to defend the area.
    • Event: Kill Target
      • Start Times: X:15
  • Ishtar Cliffs
    • Event: Keep the Vex Away from the Conflux
      • Start Times: X:05-X:10 & X:30-X:35

Mars (Meridian Bay) Edit

Main article: Meridian Bay
  • Scablands
    • Event: Eliminate the Target
      • Start Times: X:10 & X:50
    • Event: Defend the Warsat
      • Start Times: X:25-X30 & X:50
  • The Hollows
    • Event: Kill Cabal Engineer
      • Start Times: X:05-X:10 & X:30 or X:50-X:55
  • Barrens
    • Event: Defend the Warsat or Kill Target
      • Start Times: X:05 or X:30-X:40
  • Rubicon Wastes
    • Event: Eliminate the Target
      • Start Times: X:10-X:15 & X:45
  • The Buried City
    • Event: Defend the Warsat
      • Start Times: X:25-X:30
    • Event: Eliminate the Target (Prohibitive Permutation)
      • Start Times: X:20-X:25


Rarely, instead of a Public Event, another type of event will occur. These events do not display the banner or screen darkening effect and will not reward Ascendant Material, trigger the daily reward, or count towards completion of a public event Bounty, but are excellent sources of glimmer, experience, and engrams.

  • The message "The enemy is moving against each other" will be displayed, and a large group of enemies will appear and start fighting. These wars can include any combination of any two species that appear in that location. Many of the enemies found in these events will be Majors. After a few minutes, the message "The enemy weakens and retreats" will appear, and all remaining enemies will vanish.
  • The message "A roving band of pikes is moving this way" appears, and shortly afterward a squadron of Dregs riding Pikes enters the area. Players can shoot them off their mounts and hijack them, then use the Pike for as long as they care to as it will not disappear when not ridden (unlike a Sparrow).


Gallery Edit

References Edit

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