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A Praetorian is a more powerful Vex Minotaur that appears during the Vault of Glass raid. Praetorians attacks are extremely powerful and have an extreme amount of range. Their main forms of attack are the long range Torch Hammer they wield and a melee attack. Their melee attacks are extremely deadly and will almost instantly kill any guardian who gets hit. Praetorians can be encountered during Patrols on Venus near the Vault of Glass entrance. Unlike Minotaurs, Praetorians have the ability to regenerate their shields while headless.

Praetorians are located in the first part of the raid when opening the Vault and when fighting the Gatekeepers. They are the only Vex unit that can capture Vex plates.

Variants Edit

  • Praetorian - Found at the entrance to the Vault of Glass.
  • Descendant/Precursor Praetorian - Found inside the Vault of Glass at the Gatekeeper encounter.
  • Headless Praetorian - Found during the mission Wolves Gambit located outside the Vault of Glass. This mission was released with the House of Wolves DLC.

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