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Destiny 101
With Destiny, Bungie has set out to build a game that feels dynamic and alive -- a first-person shooter that fuses fast-paced gunplay with a pronounced MMO influence. The result is an ambitious adventure of enormous scope, complete with the kind of rich lore and community focus that's you've come to associate with Bungie.

In Destiny, players assume the role of Guardians, members of a standing army of specialized soldiers tasked with the defense of The City, the last civilized stronghold on Earth. Players explore the solar system's planets and moons, searching the remnants of humanity's Golden Age of exploration, a time when the human race arrived at a technological paradigm and spread far beyond Earth. In their journeys, guardians do battle with a variety of Species, from the rhino-like Cabals of Mars to the nomadic Fallen who terrorize Earth and its Moon. Combat feels familiar to Bungie's previous game Halo, but the introduction of a variety of RPG-type elements, like a nuanced class system, and some new dimensions. Also separating Destiny from the pack is its online play -- players will never be alone while exploring and doing combat in the solar system and will have plenty of opportunity to band up with friends and new players to tackle the game's many challenges.

Wikia and Destiny Wiki have compiled all the information you need to get started with Bungie's latest. With must-see media, essential articles, community input, and more, we’ve got everything you need to know about Destiny to get you combat-ready in time for its September 9th, 2014 release.

Exploring Destiny's Classes
Warlock icon Titan icon Hunter icon
Destiny Instant Expert - Exploring The Hunter01:39

Destiny Instant Expert - Exploring The Hunter

Hunter Class
This video examines Destiny's Hunters, the game's intrepid stealth and sniper class.

Destiny Instant Expert - Exploring The Titan01:33

Destiny Instant Expert - Exploring The Titan

Titan Class
An overview of Destiny's tank class: the Titan.

Destiny Instant Expert - Exploring The Warlock01:31

Destiny Instant Expert - Exploring The Warlock

Warlock Class
This video takes a look at Destiny's Warlocks, the game's space mages (not the kind that may have come "from the moon").

Interactive Map: The Tower
The Tower is Destiny's primary player hub. It is a social, non-combat location within the walls of The City in which Guardians can interact with other players, visit vendors, or turn in quest items. Check out the interactive map below to familiarize yourself with all of its important components.

Community Essentials

Destiny Wiki admin T3CHNOCIDE considers what makes Destiny so unique. We also gathered the wider community consensus via a handful of polls, the results of which can be viewed in graphical form below and in full on on this blog post.

Fan Input, by T3CHNOCIDE


It's less than a month until release, and after two tastes of Destiny (E3's alpha and the summer beta) people are really gearing up for this next big hit. The beta attracted a massive 4.6 million participants, the largest open beta test for any console game ever and, despite being a brand new IP, Destiny has already accumulated numerous awards and achievements. In fact, Destiny is currently boasting the title of most pre-ordered new IP in history. But what is it about Destiny that's attracting so much attention in the gaming community?

Is Destiny's success purely down to Bungie's great name, and instead the hype is merely a product of an already established fan base from their previous critically acclaimed franchise, Halo? Perhaps - though I prefer to think that's not the case. Instead I think it's more likely that the experience gathered over the past 23 years of games development, in addition to the great story telling the Bungie writers bring to the table, has helped craft this incredibly unique product...

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Results as of August 15th, 2014

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Essential Trailers & Videos

Destiny Launch Gameplay Trailer

Destiny Launch Gameplay Trailer02:17

Destiny Launch Gameplay Trailer

Crucible Trailer

Destiny Crucible Trailer - Gamescom 201401:46

Destiny Crucible Trailer - Gamescom 2014

Beta Trailer

Destiny - Beta Trailer Retail02:16

Destiny - Beta Trailer Retail

E3 2014 Gameplay Experience

Destiny - E3 Gameplay Experience Trailer - E3 201407:00

Destiny - E3 Gameplay Experience Trailer - E3 2014

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