The Pike is a Fallen land-based fast attack vehicle in Destiny. It is traditionally ridden by Dregs, though it can be captured and used by Guardians as well. Larger and heavier than the Sparrow used by most Guardians, the Pike is primarily used by Fallen forward scout teams, or to secure terrain objectives.[1][2]


The Pike is a single-pilot vehicle, which, like most Fallen vehicles, seems to heavily implement scavenged and reclaimed technology. The fuselage of the Pike is long, with a reinforced tail strut that features a pair of large maneuvering vanes. Powerful engines, likely based on or salvaged from those of decommissioned starships, carry the vehicle at speeds roughly equal to a Sparrow. The Pike also features high-powered maneuvering jets on the sides to allow the Pike to make short bursts of speed to the left or right, giving it limited dodging ability and improved ability to perform maneuvers.

The Pike features a number of unique advantages all its own - it has an armored chassis that can take quite a bit of abuse, and it boasts a pair of Shock Cannons in the nose of the craft, right in front of the windscreen. Communications, weaponry controls, and sensors are all located in a panel right in front of the saddle. A reinforced windscreen protects the pilot from debris and even limited small-arms fire, but it cannot take a huge amount of abuse and tends to break quickly if targeted directly. Due to its heavier mass, the Pike tends to roll over far less often than the Sparrow, and its maneuvering jets can be used to save it if it takes a tumble without needing to dismount.[2]

Pikes in CombatEdit

Pikes can be obtained by the player in several ways - they spawn in during Crucible matches, and can be seen used by the Fallen - specifically Dregs - during missions or encountered as part of a patrol.

Pikes in general offer a player a number of tactical advantages if taken - they're fast, maneuverable, well-armed, well-armored, and can be quite effective in combat. The Shock Cannons they have are incredibly potent - dealing large amounts of Arc Damage quickly - but they overheat quickly and their fire rate plummets as they continue to shoot, which necessitates firing in bursts or giving them time to cool between volleys. In addition, the Pike's heavier mass allows it to be used in ramming attacks. The Pike actually offers remarkably good cover to the player when ridden - the windscreen will stop headshots entirely unless the shooter is at a higher angle and/or the windscreen breaks, whilst the Pike's long tail helps discourage back shots. The sides are quite vulnerable, however, and the Pike is easily destroyed by Heavy Weapons, Super Abilities or Turrets.

Pikes controlled by enemies - be they Fallen or hostile Players, are deceptively dangerous - it's easy to see the Dreg piloting one and expect a simple threat, but the Pike is quite a force multiplier, and the Pike's Shock Cannons can make a Dreg out-damage your average Captain, so fighting smart and exploiting terrain is important. Player-driven Pikes tend to adopt a predatory mindset - you cannot beat a Pike in a damage race without the right equipment unless you have serious moxie, and they're fast enough to chase down Sparrows. Special and Heavy weapons are virtually a necessity for fighting Pike riders; grenades like the Magnetic Grenade and Lightning Grenade are great for dealing with them as well. If one is available, an Interceptor or Turret is the best way to deal with a hostile Pike.



  • The Pike was the first land-based vehicle revealed to the public, appearing in both the Reveal Trailer[3] and in concept art released during the Reveal Press Conference.
  • The Pike fires on a hair trigger as well as fully automatic. Once the automatic rate of fire plummets, you can rapidly pull the fire trigger to increase rate of fire manually.
  • There is also a heavy version of the Pike that fires slower, heavier shots and has the ability to deploy shock mines using the strafe buttons. They make an appearance in the House of Wolves DLC in the first available mission, and are possible replacements for the standard Pikes in the Winter's Run Strike on Heroic difficulty.


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