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Explore emblem

Emblem for Patrol.

Patrol is an activity available in Destiny.[1] Patrol allows players to freely roam in a location. Players can battle enemies, locate and accept patrol missions, partake in Public Events, or simply explore at their own leisure.

Patrol MissionsEdit

Main article: Patrol/Mission

Patrol missions are short objectives Guardians can accept while patrolling. The Guardian can only take on one patrol mission at a time. They can be completed for bounties or to gain faction reputation. Most patrol missions give 10 reputation each, while missions to kill a specific target give 25 reputation. They appear as green blinking beacons in the world, and can also be seen as floating icons in navigation mode. Each icon corresponds to a different objective for the mission.[2] The missions may take place in different areas of the map, but will always be some variant of these patterns:

Patrol Kill Enemies Kill any enemies.

Earns +10 Reputation

Patrol Loot Enemies Kill a specific kind of enemy, and collect the items they drop.

Earns +10 Reputation

Patrol Kill Ultra Kill a certain enemy, which will be located in a non-public area.

Earns +25 Reputation

Patrol Scan Area Go to another area and scan an object with the Ghost.

Earns +10 Reputation

Patrol Scout Area Go to another area and stand in a certain place for a few seconds.

Earns +10 Reputation



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