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Explore emblem

Emblem for Patrol.

Patrol is an activity available in Destiny.[1] Patrol allows players to freely roam in a location. Players can battle enemies, locate and accept patrol missions, partake in Public Events, or simply explore at their own leisure.

Patrol MissionsEdit

Main article: Patrol/Mission

Patrol missions are short objectives Guardians can accept while patrolling. The Guardian can only take on one patrol mission at a time. They can be completed for bounties or to gain faction reputation. They appear as green blinking beacons in the world, and can also be seen as floating icons in navigation mode. In Year 1 Most patrol missions give 10 reputation each, while missions to kill a specific target give 25 reputation. In Year 2 Patrol Mission will give 10 reputation, 15 reputation & 25 reputation.

Each icon corresponds to a different objective for the mission.[2] The missions may take place in different areas of the map, but will always be some variant of these patterns:

Image Description Reputation Gains
Kill any enemies +10 Reputation
Kill enemies and collect +10 Reputation
Kill enemy leader +25 Reputation
Survey a location +15 Reputation
Scout an area +15 Reputation
Collect energy spikes +10-50 Reputation

Secret MissionEdit

After completing several patrol missions, a special mission may start automatically. This new mission is described by Ghost as a mysterious signal, encrypted with an "activity cipher" that prevents clear instructions from being given. The player must experiment with various actions to discover the mission's requirement; if the discovery is not made within a few minutes the requirement will be gradually revealed. After discovering and completing 3 stages, the player will be granted patrol mission rewards as well as 3 Strange Coins.

The name of the mission depends on the destination on which it occurs:

Destination Mission
Earth The First Mystery
Moon One Small Step
Venus Into the Jungle
Mars Red Reckoning
Dreadnaught The Drifting Tomb

The possible actions that may be required to advance each stage:

  • Kill enemies
  • Kill enemies with precision shots
  • Generate orbs of light
  • Harvest resources
  • Pick up items dropped by certain enemies
  • Dance (use any dance emote)



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