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Diameter12,742 km
Day27 days 7 hours 43 minutes
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The Moon is a location in Destiny, and refers to the moon that orbits the planet Earth.[1]

Like many other planets and moons in Destiny, the ruins of humanity's Golden Age can be found on the surface, as well as alien structures inhabited by enemy species.[1] The Moon is classified by The City as a "Forbidden Zone", as early exploration attempts had proven too dangerous.[2]

Locations on The Moon Edit

Inhabitants and EnemiesEdit

In gameplay trailers, the Moon has been shown to be inhabited at least by the Hive species.[1] While humans also inhabited the Moon during civilization's Golden Age, their Moonbase and Accelerator have long been abandoned.[3][5] Further specifics (including whether other species inhabit the Moon) are unknown at this time. While the Fallen were seen on the Moon in one of the trailers, it is unknown whether they occupy the moon in the game itself.

Design and InspirationEdit

The Moon's overall design is intended to cause players to feel a sense of mystery, asking themselves questions like "what is the Hellmouth?", "why is an alien race here?", and "what happened to the colony and its settlers?"[6] Bungie Lead Environment Artist Sam Jones described the early difficulties in creating the Moon environment because of the Moon's relative lack of color, depth, and terrain features as opposed to larger planets such as Mars.[6]

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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