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  • Really hoped that RP would go somewhere, a shame it died. Well, at least some of us got entertainment out of it. 

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  • Hey Death's Accolyte,
    The other day Vektor deleted an image you uploaded. Just though I'd let you know that user images must be hosted externally (as per the Destiny Wiki:Image Policy). If you don't know already, its just a matter of using the {{R}} template to embed the image from an external host like those listed in the R templates documentation.

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  • where is everyone the chat is always dead its a shame this wiki seems great 

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  • This is probably gonna sound like pointless nitpicking, so just ignore me if you feel so.

    In every example so far, no known Elksni has ever used their lower arms for carrying weapons. Perhaps this is of some religious or social significance, mabey being revered as what seperates them from dregs or other races. Or perhaps the reason is more practical, with lower arms being used for realoding, climbing, grappling, hand gestures or something else. Either way, I figured I'd bring it to your attention considering that you introduced a character weilding four shock blades at once.

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  • Recently, I've noticed that the cabal ground forces in Forge of Gods have been portrayed as incompetent and ineffecient, falling to guardians in droves, and failing to do damage, as well as not using group tactics or support, and generally being scrubz.

    While this is my personal observation and openion, I would humbely request that you strive to portray the cabal as a highly trained and efficent force, or, let me play an expendable bracus with a small force or something, so as to make the cabal troops seem a credible threat, rather than cannon fodder between boss fights.

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  • I wanted to know if you had any objection to what I have planned for Num'raul and the Ice Hammers so below is my idea for future Ice Hammer intervention.

    Num'raul after the events of Europa descended into madness, much of compassion was swept from his mindmm whilist is other already radical beliefs were made even more extreme. One such belief was that of his faith in the Cabal command structure on Mars, Num'raul sees them as cowards for fighting a defensive war all this time in the solar system. Because of this he wants to escalate the engagement and launch a full scale assault against the tower. However, the Cabal high command would view this idea to be completely insane especially coming from someone of his stature. So Num'raul will take matters into the next level by creating his own pool of loyal legions. To do this the Primus would organize assasinations of Primusi and other high ranking Cabal within lesser legions, framing guardians for the killings; once this is done he would use the hatred gathered from their murders to persuade those leaderless to lose faith in the high command and join his plan for a new high command under his leadership. Once the time became nigh he would overwhelm the original high command and establish a new sinsiter reign. This is where Ma'carn and the guardians would undoubtedly try to stop him, they would of course try to rally behind the Storm Juggernauts and loyalist Cabal forces. In a final battle between Macarn and Num'raul they would both be killed in a huge explosion of some kind. 

    What do you think of this variation? 

    Variation 2.

    Instead of directly attacking the high command in one large cue, they would instead gather up as many rogue legions as they could along with capital ship and attack the tower directly in a huge space battle between the tower, Rasputin, and Ma'carn's forces. During the battle the guardians would either try to kill Num'raul, or stop the force of psions trying to hack into Rasputin by sneaking into his bunker. Either outcome could result in huge losses for the city. 

    Answers to some questions:

    Where is the Burning Legion in this? 

    They could either by apart of loyalist forces, Ma'carns forces, their own faction, of join Num'raul's faction.

    Which legions will join Num'raul?

    Small legions made up for the sake of the narrative: Wave Dragons, Doom Serpents, Bronze Demons, Stone Talons, and the Wind Sirens. 

    As well as small segments of the larger more known legions inlcuding: Dust Giants, and the Sand Eaters. 

    Details of Every Legion: 

    Wave Dragons: specialize in rapid orbital assualt through use of dropships, boarding actions, and excessive use of insertion via jump packs. 

    Doom Serpents: Specialize in hit and run tactics, as well as pshcological warfare, and night fighting. 

    Bronze Demons: Specialize in armored warfare and attrittion style fighting, employs the heavy use of vehicles such the goliath tank.

    Stone Talons: Specialization in defensive warfare thought the use of trenches, and fortifications. Employs the use of large amounts of infantry. 

    Wind Wraiths: Specialization in special operation fighting, particularily close quarter fighting. This legion is known for the large number of psions amongst its ranks. 

    Tell me what you think, and feel free to give feedback on whats above!

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    • Before I make an in character post I need to know from you Acolyte, if this is all okay with you.

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    • Understood. Just make sure that he doesn't get in the way of the main storyline- Killing the Hierus- and you have my blessing. You may begin.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I'm assuming a new one is coming? Or is the two threads we went through a sign to stop?

    Saw the map, it was good, and one more question: Remember Legendry7, that contributor(I use that term loosely)? And how he carbon-copied our bosses? If he came up with those on his own....Shouldn't we get more original with our ideas?

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  • Hey Accolyte, there's a new Bone Wraith thread. Thought I'd let you know.

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  • Did you make a reference to Meet the Medic with Baryos? I worship you. :3

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  • Hi Death,

      Have you guys ever thought about making a RP rules & ways to make RPs or contribute at RPs. It would be definetly helpful for many new Roleplayers like me

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