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Warlock Melee Attack

A Warlock Guardian using a knife on a Fallen Dreg.

Melee attacks are close-quarters, hand-to-hand combat abilities used by players and some enemy species. Melee weapons are distinguished from ranged weapons such as firearms or grenades, and include such weapons as swords and knives.

In Destiny, each player class has a unique melee ability that helps to distinguish it from other classes. Melee attacks cannot be changed or customized.

In addition, certain enemies may use melee weapons such as swords or sharp claws to attack players.[1][2][3]

Melee attacks used by players can inflict high amounts of damage, in many instances seeming to destroy low-level enemies with a single blow,[3][4][5] fellow Guardians and heavier enemy infantry in two, but requiring more against stronger enemy leaders, Majors and Ultras. The specific characteristics and particular amounts of damage caused by particular melee attacks varies depending on the selected subclass.


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