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  • [Humming to himself]
  • "A Wind Age, a Wolf Age… a pre-sentiment of the Collapse?"
  • "Always a pleasure."
  • "Always interesting."
  • "Be careful."
  • "Be safe."
  • "But what do the flowers mean?
  • "Can't stop now… more coffee!"
  • "Civilization once stretched from the southern tip of this continent, to the frozen north."
  • "Colombian, from the height of the Golden Age. A fragment of a dazzling culture."
  • "Come back before I get bored."
  • "Come back soon, we need the challenge."
  • "Drifting out there, deep beneath dead oceans, signalling all the while... Are we the first to crack it?"
  • "Found at the foot of the Great Pyramid. 755 feet to a side, 36,506 inches, less than a tenth of a degree from True North. Is that location significant? Ha! Everything's significant."
  • "From days when the Light shined brighter."
  • "From the North American Empire just before the Collapse. You can tell by the eagles."
  • "Give my regards to the enemy, Titan."
  • "Got to get out among them, what on Earth is that?!"
  • "Guardian, do you need something?"
  • "Guardian."
  • "Hmm, this looks interesting."
  • "House Winter, from the ruins of Caracas. Were they there at the Collapse?!"
  • "Hunter,"
  • "I have never seen anything like this, thirteen parables hand written on the page."
  • "I hope we helped you, Guardian."
  • "I see..."
  • "I'll give you whatever answers I can."
  • "Interesting... Oh, this is very interesting."
  • "Let's see what we have then."
  • "Let's see what you've found out there."
  • "My regards to your order, Warlock."
  • "Now what use would creatures like that have for music? No... It's language. Code, signal!"
  • "Now, think, think. Where have we seen this before?"
  • "Oh, hohohoho! This is beautiful, this is like music!
  • "Oh, the headache again. I swear it's these symbols, I see them in my dreams!"
  • "Oh? What a strange puzzle."
  • "One of your fellow hunters found these engrams in Brasilia. Take a look."
  • "Photographs... From an ancient, handheld communications device of the day the Traveler arrived. What a find!"
  • "Rasputin's fingerprints all over this data, he doesn't even care if we know."
  • "Russian, from the evening of the Golden Age. Religious text, I think."
  • "See here, this carving? Lion faced, Archon. Thousands of years pre-collapse."
  • "So few of these fragments survive."
  • "These engrams are older than your order."
  • "These engrams predate the Collapse, Warlock."
  • "These are forgeries. Someone... is wasting... our time..."
  • "Three word bursts, regular intervals, Oryx -Dead-King, Oryx-Dead-King. Osiris?"
  • "Too noisy? Hmph. You can't hide in the quiet of the archives all your life."
  • "Until the next time."
  • "Vex encryption, Unbreakable, so they say..."
  • "We have some new engrams you might find useful."
  • "We will pay for many things from this area." (Old Russia, Earth - Patrol)
  • "What are you looking for, Warlock?"
  • "What can we do for you?"
  • "What does it mean? Signalling, 400 years in orbit. No language known in the archives."
  • "What does this manifest say? Late, pre-Collapse North American, it looks like?"
  • "Where to begin?"
  • "Why a garden? Eden? Asperities? Asperities from Hesperus? Venus on Venus? No, no."
  • "You wouldn't happen to know pre-Golden Age German, would you? Hm? No? Nobody does..."
  • "You've had a thought, I see."


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