"Are you ready to talk, Guardian?"

"Be well, Guardian."

"Farewell, Guardian."

"Goodbye, Guardian."

"Good luck out there, Guardian."

"How can I help you, Guardian?"

"Looking for something?"

"Looking for something new?"

"I am listening."

"I am ready."

"I am waiting."

"I am worried that combat has adversely affected you, Guardian."

"Is there an emergency to report?"

"I'll be here, Guardian."

"I'm here to help, Guardian."

"My function is to serve."

"Oh dear, that will be popular."

"Please, feel free to carry on, Guardian, as if I weren't here."

"Prepped and ready for access."

"See you again soon."

"Welcome home, Hunter."

"Ready to help, Hunter."

"Take a look, Warlock."

"Take your time, Warlock."

"Thanks for stopping by, Guardian."

"We appear to be in stalemate."


"What do you need, Guardian?"

"With all due respect, Guardian, please move along."

"Very well then."

"You know where to find me, Guardian."