Archon Servants have raised their own corrupted Servitor-god, Kaliks Reborn. Defeat it and be rewarded.
― In-game description

Machine Wrath is a Prison of Elders challenge in the Destiny expansion House of Wolves.


  • Round 1
    • Enemy: Cabal
    • Modifier: Specialist
    • Objective: None
  • Round 2
    • Enemy: Fallen
    • Modifier: Lightswitch
    • Objective: Destroy mines
  • Round 3
    • Enemy: Fallen
    • Modifier: Airborne
    • Objective: None
  • Round 4
    • Enemy: Fallen
    • Modifier: Exposure
    • Objective: Dismantle mines
  • Round 5
    • Enemy: Fallen
    • Modifier: Grounded
    • Objective: Kill Kaliks Reborn, Kill Target when Kaliks hits 50%


Kaliks Reborn is accompanied by a large number of normal enemies, including a group of powerful Dreg Majors named "Archon Servants." It will periodically consume the ether of these enemies to recover its health; Guardians should try to eliminate these enemies to reduce the amount of health it regains when this occurs. However, as the fight proceeds Kaliks will attempt to consume servants at points where it has less and less health remaining, and can easily be killed with patience and sustained fire.

When Kaliks loses roughly 50% of its health, a VIP Captain will spawn into the arena. Guardians must slay the Captain before it reaches the final checkpoint, otherwise they will wipe.