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Select application: Flare gun. Water purifier. Interplanetary Positioning System. Encyclopædia Arcana. Personal flotation device. List continues.
― In-game description

MIDA Mini-Tool is a legendary submachine gun. MIDA Mini-Tool can be dismantled to generate Glimmer.


This item has the following lore associated: 2472/11/17 — 4.9°S 0°E AUDIO ONLY Strauss is gone. Whole sky alight as his ship set off. I might be the last MIDA survivor on Mars. The gun detected teleports yesterday and I had to move camp. Cannot shake the fear that they will send battleroids; even this AI marvel couldn't save me. Shot the ice this morning. The gun fired a thermal round and then a pellet of water purifier. Came out pure and sweet. Marvelous. I've been reading the gun's Encyclopedia Arcana. All about the crash that became Strauss's obsession and hope. “Metastability in the salvaged construct!” Ha ha! Let's hope our ideals too can pass through grief, fury, and envy into a new freedom elsewhere. Wonder if the gun heard me when I asked to go somewhere better. Wonder why it led me here. Going to follow its compass tonight. Down below.


This weapon can be obtained from Devrim Kay by completing additional quests in the European Dead Zone once the main story missions have been completed.


MIDA Mini-Tool can also be upgraded with the following perks:

Column 0Edit

Lightweight Frame perk icon Lightweight Frame
Superb handling. Move faster with this weapon equipped.

Column 1Edit

Fluted Barrel perk icon Fluted Barrel
Ultra-light barrel.
  • Greatly increases handling speed
  • Slightly increases stability

Column 2Edit

Alloy Magazine perk icon Alloy Magazine
Faster reloads when the magazine is empty.

Column 3Edit

MIDA Synergy perk icon MIDA Synergy
This weapon grants speed benefits when MIDA Multi-Tool is also equipped.

Column 4Edit

Default Shader perk icon Default Shader
Restores your gear to its default colors.