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Luke Smith

Luke Smith, sometimes known as "lukems" or "TJ Scoot," is a long-time Bungie employee who has held a variety of positions since joining the company, and is currently the Design Lead for Raids in Destiny. Smith has been with Bungie since May 2007.[1]

Smith's first role with Bungie was as a Community Manager, joining from 1UP where he was a News Editor known for his engaging and humorous podcasts.[2] Because of his past success and frequent posts, articles, and podcasts, Smith quickly became a well-known public face at Bungie.

Following the launch of Halo 3 and Bungie's 2008 hiring of Eric Osborne, Smith moved from his community management role into a design role for Halo: Reach, managing Reach's player investment systems.[3] For Destiny, Smith holds the Design Lead role for Raids.[4][5]


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