Jolder was a Titan and one of the ten famous Iron Lords. She was known for running into battle without regard for her own safety.[2] She was close to Lord Saladin.[3]


Jolder was a Titan who was known to fight better when she was angry.[4]

Jolder was one of nine surviving Iron Lords who had made it to the SIVA replication chamber. While in the chamber, SIVA infected her weapon and armor. Instead of escaping, Jolder sealed the remaining Iron Lords inside the complex except for Lord Saladin and blew it up, taking her life in the process.[5]

A Guardian later killed her remnant in the chamber she sealed, along with the remnants of Felwinter and Gheleon.[6]


"If I am to die, let it be in battle, with weapons in my hands and laughter in my heart."[7]




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