Iska'al of Fantor was a poor tea merchant and former friend of Emperor Calus. He was also one of the conspirators who sent him into exile.[1]


Iska'al was a tea merchant who was a friend of Calus ever since he deposed the Praetorate. When Calus went about the Capital, he always stopped at Iska'al's tea cart, bought from him, and paid extra. Iska'al also would listen to the Emperor's plights, and Calus grew to trust him greatly.[1]

Iska'al helped in the coup against Emperor Calus for an unknown reason, as he was very close to him. Some gave him the nickname "Imperial Informant," as they believed that he still wrote to Calus in exile aboard the Leviathan.[1]

Due to their friendship, Calus regretfully ordered his assassination, but wanted him to die painlessly.[1]


Iska'al was killed on a day of festivities in Torobatl by Rull, Gun of Kaga Clipse. Rull arrived at his estate, killed the guards, and drowned him with wine until he died. The last thing Iska'al heard was, "Emperor Calus has not forgotten you."[2]


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