A symbol of those who survive outside the protective walls of the City.
Tom Doyle, Destiny Art Lead[1]

The Hunter Knife is a weapon used by Hunters' melee attacks.[1] Melee attacks by Hunters using this weapon take the form of an upward slashing motion that causes a large amount of damage.[2] Additionally, the Super Ability Arc Blade encases it in electric blue energy, dealing heavy damage.[2]

The Hunter Knife is "rugged, utilitarian, and quiet," enabling silent kills for Hunters.[1]

Although it has been implied that the Hunter Knife is used exclusively by Hunters,[1] Destiny screenshots have also shown Warlocks using a knife that appears very similar.[3]


Bungie Art Lead Tom Doyle stated that the idea for the Hunter Knife arose "from the desire to have special melee attacks for different Guardians."[1] Because each Player Class has its own special melee attack, the Hunter Knife provides a unique feel for this class's melee attacks.[1]

The actual knife itself is designed to resemble "equal parts kukri, trench, and buck knife," and reflects the Hunter's need for a knife that is "a hunting tool just as much as it is a weapon."[1] It also shares the karambit's characteristic finger loop at the bottom.



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