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Another great House hides among us...

The House of Kings is one of the many Houses of the Fallen army.


The Kings have a restricted lair in King's Watch, Old Russia. They seem to be very brutal toward The City and other Fallen Houses alike. It is rare to find a King wandering outside its lair on Earth, but even rarer to find them lurking the Ishtar Sink of Venus, where they have seldom been found.

Because of their secrecy, the City has yet to fully understand their strength and goals.[1]

Notable MembersEdit


Physkin, King Baron is encountered in the Will of Crota Strike on Earth.


Paskin, King Baron can be encountered in the House of Wolves story mission The Ruling House.[2]


Vekis, King Baron is encountered in the House of Wolves story mission The Ruling House.[3]


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