Homecoming is the first story mission in Destiny 2. Guardians must defend The City from an invasion by Ghaul and the Red Legion.[1]


  • Find Zavala.
    • Fight your way to Zavala to help him defend the plaza.
  • Gear up for the fight.
  • Join Zavala in the Plaza.
    • Move through the Hangar and reach the commander in the Tower Plaza.
  • Defend the Tower.
  • Leave the Plaza and find the Speaker.
    • Meet Ikora Rey in the Tower Boulevard and join her search for the Speaker of the City.
  • Board the command ship.
  • Disable the shields.
    • Locate the Cabal command ship's shield generator and destroy it.
  • Reach the shield generator.
    • Fight your way through the Cabal command ship.
  • Overload the generator
    • Exhaust turbines destroyed x3
  • Escape the command ship




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