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Helium Drinkers were a proto-Hive civilization native to the continent called the Helium Court on the gas giant planet Fundament.[1]


The Helium Drinkers were native to the continent called the Helium Court, ruled by the Helium King. The Helium Drinkers were of the same species as those of the Osmium Court. They too had three eyes, two legs, and two arms, but they were "bright/evil,"[1] unlike those in the Osmium Court. Every day, the Helium Drinkers' knights would raid the Osmium Court, ruled by the Osmium King.

When the Osmium King's death was imminent, Taox invited the Helium Drinkers to invade the Osmium Court, assassinate the royal family, and make her regent of the continent under Helium King.[2]


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