Harold Ryan

Harold Ryan is a long-time Bungie employee and executive, and currently serves as President, Studio Head, and Chairman of the Bungie Board of Directors.[1][2]

Ryan graduated from Washington State University in 1995[1] and joined the test team of Atomic Games, where he was credited as a game tester on such games as Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far and Close Combat III: The Russian Front.[3] Ryan joined Bungie in 2000 as a test manager on Halo: Combat Evolved and quickly advanced over the years from test manager to studio manager to President.[1][3]

Historically, Ryan has rarely spoken to press. Since the announcement of Destiny, however, he has done so more frequently. He appeared onstage at Sony's February 22, 2013 PlayStation 4 reveal event,[4] and gave several interviews about Destiny during E3 2013.[5][6]

On January 27, 2015, Bungie announced that Ryan had stepped down as the President of Bungie and would be replaced by new CEO Pete Parsons.[7]


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