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A screen capture of Grognok from Bungie's "O Brave New World" ViDoc.

Grognok is the name of a collaborative world building tool used by Bungie to create maps and locations within Destiny.

Grognok was described by Joe Staten as being innovative world-building software allowing a large team of engineers, environment artists, modelers, and creative designers to work on a world at the same time.

Destiny Grognok gameplay footage01:07

Destiny Grognok gameplay footage

Video from GDC 2013 showing Grognok in action

The term "Grognok" was trademarked by Bungie in December 2009 and described generically as "Computer programs for editing images, sound and video; Computer software development tools." (further trademark information available here)

During the Bungie panel at GDC 2013, footage of the Grognok world editor was shown being used to create a base on the Moon.


Polygon - Destiny: Bungie's Brave New Worlds

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