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Grimoire Cards on

The Grimoire is a player's repository of Grimoire cards, awards that players earn when they perform certain actions such as killing a certain type of enemy or discovering a new location. Performing these feats unlocks Grimoire cards and contributes to a player's overall Grimoire score. The Grimoire score and unlocked bonuses are shared across all of a player's characters. A player may browse their grimoire cards by visiting the website.

Grimoire cards are associated with various elements of the game and may be awarded for taking a variety of actions, usually for the first time:

  • Creating a Guardian of a specific class and race.
  • Entering an activity or destination.
  • Entering a Crucible map or playlist.
  • Collecting a dead Ghost or Calcified Fragment.
  • Defeating an Ultra enemy.
  • Receiving an exotic weapon.

Some Grimoire cards have ranks, which can be unlocked by continuing to perform certain actions such as killing a specific type of enemy or using certain enemies. Reaching a higher rank can provide additional gameplay benefits, such as earning experience more quickly or gaining better drops during missions.[1]

List of Grimoire CardsEdit

Main article: List of Grimoire Cards


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