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Grimoire card picture for the Vex Gorgon

The Gorgon is a Vex enemy class located in the Vault of Glass' Gorgon's Maze. They look physically identical to the Harpy, but have a noticeable white glow along with a substantial health pool, as they are not meant to be killed under normal circumstances.


Gorgons guard the Gorgon's Maze in the Vault of Glass and patrol the area, each one following a predetermined route. If a Gorgon detects any Guardian team member, a "Gorgon's Gaze" debuff appears. If the Gorgon is not killed within 6 seconds of activating Gorgon's Gaze, the entire fireteam is immediately killed.

The Gorgon is attracted to nearby noise such as sprinting, firing a weapon, or the burst sound of a nearby secondary jump. If it hears a sound, a Gorgon will go into a brief searching period. After a short time the Gorgon will go back to its regular patrol route.

Killing a Gorgon is possible, but requires significant damage to be dealt out in a very short time. When a Gorgon is killed, a message will indicate that other Gorgons have become even more powerful.

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