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The Goliath is a massive, heavily-armed tank used by the Cabal.[1] It appears to be a hovercraft, using jets to float above the ground. These jets are also the weakest part of the Goliath, and should be targeted to cause maximum damage.

This tank was used by a Cabal lieutenant, Val Ca'aul, in the Cerberus Vae III Strike, and uses a large main gun as well as several smaller machine guns. They are extremely deadly and are able to survive barrages of Interceptor rockets.

A Goliath tank belonging to the Skyburners was encountered in the Shield Brothers strike, where it guarded the way to progress further inside the crashed Cabal ship Dantalion Exodus VI, where Valus' Mau'ual and Tlu'urn were attempting to detonate the power core of the Dreadnaught.


A Goliath uses a powerful plasma launcher which takes time to charge, giving Guardians a chance to sprint away from the blast radius. The Goliath is also outfitted with several machine guns which shred anything in front of the tank, so avoid the front at all costs. The Goliath is also capable of deploying a minefield around itself, which forces Guardians to sprint to higher ground.

Circling around a Goliath will give players an opportunity to bombard the vulnerable booster jets. Ultimately, constantly damaging the booster jets will slow and heavily damage the Goliath, and is the best way to deal with one. Interceptors stolen from the Cabal are also extremely effective against a Goliath.

Using an Interceptor against a Goliath is an extremely dangerous plan. Guardians must keep moving, and circle-strafe the tank, otherwise the Goliath can easily destroy the Interceptor in one shot.


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