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Vex 2

Goblins are the lowest class of the Vex species.[1] They are foot soldiers that defeat their enemies by swarming and overwhelming with their Slap Rifles, while keeping up the pressure with energy blasts and Void grenades.[1]

Goblins' heads, unlike most Fallen and Hive enemies that are encountered before them, are not their weak point. Instead, shooting their head will destroy it and briefly stun them, but will not do critical damage. At that point, headless Goblins will rush their enemies with a hastened pace. A glowing white core in their chest is actually their weak point.

Goblins do not tend to take cover, like most Vex units, but they do often crouch to shield their vulnerable cores with their heads. Usually, this results in the destruction of the Goblin's head if they're under fire, which will cause them to run at enemies, making their cores exposed targets.

Tactics Edit

In general, Goblins will be encountered in relatively high numbers, alongside other Vex units, keeping players pinned with suppressive fire and occasionally grenades to flush enemies out of cover. When engaging them, always try to aim for their chest-cores, and maintain mobility, as they will close in on you unrelentingly, and have a tendency to teleport right next to you to try and take you by surprise. The best way to kill a swarm of them is to use a rocket launcher.



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